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Lecture series:

The speakers are, in alphabetic order:

M. Anderson (New York State University, Stony Brook): ``Gromov convergence of metrics, with applications to general relativity" (4 hours)

R. Bartnik (Canberra University): ``Introduction to the constraint equations I." (1 hour)

H. Bray (Massachussets Institute of Technology): ``Global inequalities" (3 hours)

H. Friedrich (Max Planck Institute for Gravitation, Golm, Germany): ``Einstein equations, conformal structure, and asymptotic behavior of space-times" (3 hours)

G. Galloway (University of Miami): ``Global Lorentzian geometry and the Einstein Equations" (3 hours)

R. Geroch (University of Chicago): ``Diffeomorphism freedom" (3 hours)

J. Isenberg (University of Oregon): ``Introduction to the constraint equations II." (1 hour)

V. Moncrief (Yale University): ``The Einstein flow and geometrization" (3 hours)

A. Rendall (Max Planck Institute for Gravitation, Golm, Germany): ``The Einstein-Vlasov system" (3 hours)

I. Rodniansky (Princeton): ``Recent progress on hyperbolic equations'' (3 hours)