L. Lehner

Study session on numerical implementations of the Einstein equations.

Scope of the session: The subjects of these talks are: 1. Numerical implementations of the Einstein equations. The Cauchy and characteristic initial value problems (L. Lehner) 2. Simulating space-times - a global perspective (J.Frauendiener, Tuebingen); 3. Studying singularities through numerical models (D.Garfinkle, Oakland Univ. Rochester); 4. Numerical Relativistic Hydrodynamics: state of the art and new ideas (L. Rezzolla).

Abstract of the talk by Lehner: The possibility of explicitly constructing solutions to the equations via computer simulations is a relatively new powerful tool to investigate the theory. Unfortunately, despite a few remarkable successes, the status of the discipline is still not mature enough. Several open issues are slowing down the progress in the field and their resolution will be key in realizing the full possibilities of Numerical Relativity. We will present a brief introduction to the discipline and highlight some significant accomplishments. Additionally, special emphasis will be placed in discussing main open conceptual problems and target spacetimes which will keep us quite busy in the near future.

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