D. Garfinkle

Title: Studying singularities through numerical models

Abstract: This talk on numerical simulations of singularities is essentially two mini review talks on the subjects of (i) the asymptotic behavior of the metric as a singularity is approached and (ii) critical gravitational collapse. As a singularity is approached it may be that some of the terms in the Einstein field equation become negligible and the behavior of the metric simplifies. Numerical simulations of the field equations are performed to see whether this sort of behavior occurs. Critical collapse is the study of gravitational collapse at the threshold of black hole formation. It has been found numerically that near the threshold, the mass of the black hole formed (as well as other geometric quantities) obeys a scaling relation similar to that of quantities in a phase transition. Furthermore, exactly at the threshold of black hole formation the critical solution has a (continuous or discrete) self-similarity.

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Copyright 29.VIII.02 by P.T.Chrusciel, A.Chopin, and D. Garfinkle