P.T. Chrusciel

Title: Vacuum space-times with many black holes

Abstract: We analyze the horizon structure of families of space times obtained by evolving initial data sets containing apparent horizons with several connected components. We show that under certain smallness conditions the outermost apparent horizons will also have several connected components. We further show that, again under a smallness condition, the maximal globally hyperbolic development of some of the many black hole initial data constructed in [1] will have an event horizon, the intersection of which with the initial data hypersurface is not connected. This justifies the "many black holes" character of those space-times. This talk is based on joint work in progress with R. Mazzeo [2].

[1] P.T. Chrusciel, E. Delay: Existence of non-trivial, vacuum, asymptotically simple space-times
Tours preprint 9/2002, Classical and Quantum Gravity 19, L71-L79 (2002), [ http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/gr-qc/0203053]

[2] P.T. Chrusciel, R. Mazzeo: On "many black hole" vacuum space-times
in preparation.

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