Euro Summer School

50 years of the Cauchy problem in general relativity

July 29 - August 10, 2002

Travel, Housing and Financial Information Update Form

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Sponsored by:

The European Community Euro Summer Schools Program , CNRS, Clay Institute, La Collectivité Territoriale Corse, The Tomalla Foundation, CIMPA, IAMP, LMPT Tours, IHES, Compaq

You may complete the online form below (preferred) or you may print this page, complete it by hand and mail it to the address

Piotr T. Chrusciel (Cargèse school)
Département de Mathématiques
Faculté des Sciences
Parc de Grandmont
F 37220 Tours

1. Travel Information.

Air France flies to Ajaccio from Paris Orly, Lyon, and Nice. It is recommended that those of you who fly through Paris take the flight AF7568 from Orly at 12:50, arriving at Campo Dell Oro (AJA), Ajaccio at 14:30 (preferred), or AF7570 from Orly at 18:25, arriving at Campo Dell Oro (AJA), Ajaccio at 20:05

Last Name: 
First Name:

 Cargèse is about 60 km north of Ajaccio, we will organize at least one bus from the Ajaccio airport to the Institute on Sunday, July 28th.

If you wish to be picked up at the airport, please provide the day and time of arrival , the origin of the flight , and the flight number: .   

Check the box below if you wish to be picked up at the airport; you might wish to consult the school site for information about alternative ways of getting to Cargese.
       I would like to be picked up at the airport, if that turns out to be possible:
       I do not need to be picked up from the airport


Air France is NOW sponsoring the school by applying a discount of about 30% on economy class and 50% on buisiness class on ALL their flights (and not only for tickets bought in France, as was previously the case; this might be a discount on a standard fare, which might turn out to be more expensive than some other fares - we do not know). This discount should be available worldwide after February 25th, or so. If you wish to make use of this opportunity, please print this [word star office html rtf] document and give it to your travel agent when booking your flight. Some travel agents might ask you to have a copy of the email confirming your participation in the event. Apparently? you are supposed to have a program of the school with the Air France logo on it with you when boarding your return flight. We have not tested how this work, so please let us know if you have problems with obtaining the discount. The essential information is: CONGRES : 50 ANS DE PROBLEME DE CAUCHY EN RELATIVITE GENERALE; DATES: 29 July 2002 - 10 August 2002; PLACE: CARGESE (CORSE); AGREMENT AIR FRANCE = AXZE SE 30848; Validity: 20 July 2002 - 20 August 2002.

2. Housing.

We will attempt to provide accommodation to everyone according to their wishes. However, because of the large number of participants it might not be possible to do that, therefore we ask you to give a second choice for your housing desires. Shared rooms host two participants.

If you are requesting a family appartment, please indicate in the "comments" field (section 4 below) the number of persons.

If you are planning to camp at the Institute, and you are planning to come accompanied, please indicate in the "comments" field (section 4 below) the number of persons.

Housing requested:  First choice:  Second choice: 
Shared room (two persons; 30 Euros/night)  
Single room (40 Euros/night)
Apartment for a couple (55 Euros/night) 
Family apartment (80 Euros/night)
Hotel (75 Euros/night)
Camping at the Institute (3 Euros/night)

Prices are approximative; exchange rates: UCC

(If relevant) I wish to share a room with: 

3. Financial support.

For those receiving travel support, please enter a precise estimate of your travel expenses to Ajaccio. Copies of BOTH receipts and tickets will be needed for reimbursements. Reimbursements from the CNRS grant can only be made by bank transfers, please have the exact international identification code of your bank when arriving to Cargese.

For all: Please update the information on financial support requested ONLY IF DIFFERENT FROM THE SUPPORT OFFERED IN OUR INVITATION LETTER. The conference fees amount to 250 Euros; this covers only direct institute and organizational costs, and does not include lunches (served at the Institute for about 10 Euros on weekdays) or dinners.

I need financial help to cover:  the local expenses in Cargèse
conference fees

the travel expenses    Amount in Euros:    [ exchange rates: UCC ]

The invited participants are asked to fill in the field concerning the expected travel costs above, in the unlikely event we will have money to reimburse those.

4. Special requests.

Comments or special requests: 

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